Like most of the best stories, Fury’s started out small and took on a life of its own – growing into the family-owned business that Fury and Jeremy Mancuso had always dreamed of (Fury’s Kitchen). It all began with a Julia Child cookbook and a honeymoon winding its way through the cafés of France, Spain, and Italy. (Sounds like a recipe for success already, right?)

Baking for friends and family turned into a small home business, then word of mouth grew into special requests and catering that gained her local fame for the quality of her foods. It was one such catering encounter that led to the opening of Fury’s Kitchen – having wow’ed Dr. Michael Crovetti himself. An offer to occupy the café space in his building both honored and humbled the couple, and they embraced this chance encounter with their usual (for them) enthusiasm and excitement. Fury’s Kitchen opened on July 9, 2018.

Open to the public, they take special pride in providing breakfast, lunch, pastries, coffee and espresso drinks to the tenants of this medical office building. Even better, they’re proud to be the meal provider of choice for the patients of Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites.

With five kids, you can imagine that every day is a busy one for the Mancusos. But with the help of family, and the natural entrepreneurial bent of their children, both mom and dad see it as an opportunity to provide real-world business experience for everyone. Big plans for the future of the café promise to make it a unique dining destination for guests who are certain to enjoy the adventures to come, in an environment as welcoming as it is satisfyingly delicious.

Fury’s Kitchen
Est. 2018 • Henderson, Nevada

Fun Fact: Yes, Fury is her real name. That’s what happens when your mom is a bit of a hippie and you’re born during one of Ohio’s dramatic thunderstorms. And as her mom says, “The name makes the person.” In Fury’s case, it means she approaches everything in life with her all, with nothing left on the table but her best efforts and a personality that just seems to draw people in. It’s like making up your imaginary best friend with all the best traits – and having them come to life in this kind, creative, and loveable person. Quite the deal, eh?